Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Adventures of Oh-tho-Tweet

Oh-tho-Tweet, the little whirly bird was very sad 
He sat on the highest branch of the tallest tree and sighed

For miles around, as far as he could see 
Were tree tops and branches and a zillion leaves 

He looked to the West and he glanced to the East
He saw squirrels and monkeys; spiders and snakes 

He gaped at the North and he peered at the South
He spied moths and beetles; bugs and bees 

He glared and stared till his eyes ached,
But try as he might, he couldn’t spot another bird!

“Oh, what will I do now?” cried Oh-tho-Tweet
“I’m all alone and have no one to play with!

I left with my family from co-old, co-old Sibeeria
To go and Winter in faraway Eendya

We had a heavy breakfast of worms and nuts 
And set off in a flurry of feathers and squeaks

We flew over hills and lakes 
We skimmed valleys and glades

We zipped across blue skies
We flapped over rivers and plains 

It was all so very exciting that 
I squeaked and squawked all the way

(This was my first ever big travel, you see
I'd never even flitted from mine to the other tree)

Oh how absolutely freedolous and stretchy it was!
The wind in my eyes made me scream like a banshee

The chill in the air tickled the zing in my blood
And every feather on my back did a little jig-jig

Before I realized that I was racing, I was miles ahead 
And my flappin' family was lagging f.a.a.a.r behind

“Catch me if you can!” I cried and went into autopilot
I relaxed a bit and cruised like a solitary jet......zmmm!

But, alas! Somewhere there, I must have fallen asleep!

I dream t that I was floating in a field of poppies
I’m sure I danced with multi colored fairies

I twirled and whirled in my sleep
I rolled and swirled in my dream

Phweeeeeeeeeeeeeehnnn, I lazily twisted
Ssshweeeeeeeeeeeehnnnn, I happily turned
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennn, I dreamily plunged 

And then suddenly, 


I had dadooms in my chest and babooms in my vest
I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I didn’t dare open my eyes!

A long time passed….don't know how long
Before my dadooms and my babooms eased a bit

With my eyes still shut tight 
I gave an experimental squeak

I squiggled my wings and flickelled my tail
(To check Just the Major Details)

They all appeared to be still attached to myself 
So I politely opened an eye to see where I might be

And promptly fell down again
Dear me, dear me @!!!!!*^./<@

Luckily, my leg snagged a twig and I clambered back up 
To the highest branch I could find

I was wide awake now and stretched my neck to see
Where it was exactly that I had landed my little bummy

All I saw were leaves and bees; branches and trees
Beetles and bugs and snakes and thingies

But, alas, not a single member of my family!
------ :-( -----------------------------------------------

And that’s where you found me at the beginning of my tale
So, please can you tell me, what should I do now?
I’m all alone and have no one to play with me?!”