Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Chandamama" Magazine / My Collection - Part 2 / 1977 & One From 1978

This is the rest of the collection, except for a handful (six) without covers. I'll soon scan some nice illustrations from each of those six issues and share...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"OMNI" Magazine / September 1989

I had read about this magazine because some article in one of its issues was mentioned in some local newspaper (probably The Hindu).

And then, right away, in the next few days, I found a copy of the magazine in one of the pavement second-hand book sellers' spreads outside the LIC Building on Mount Road. 1989.

See the covers of the main magazine and the supplement, below.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, non?

The advertisements, especially, are totally cool. I'll try and share them soon.

In the meanwhile, here's the Wikipedia link to the Magazine. By the way, this magazine is now defunct.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Premier Padmini Advertisement / 1988

"Chandamama" Magazine / My Collection - Part 1 / 1972-1976

This the first half of the very few Chandamama's that are left with me.

As a kid, I must have subscribed to this monthly magazine for something like 10 years straight.

This magazine was an integral part of my early reading diet along with a Tamil magazine called "Gokulam" and a Tamil translation of some comic character called "Irumbuk-kai Maayaavi" which was also published monthly.

Unfortunetly I have only one tattered copy of Irumbuk-kai Maayaavi"  and not a single "Gokulam".

There are a dozen more Chandamama's which I'll scan and post later.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Funky Comic Magazine From The UK / 2004

Although not quite as funky as the French comics, this and several other parallel comic art publications published from the UK (maybe republished from USA originals) have a vast, vast collection of memorable characters and fairly kick ass imaginary worlds.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brutal Reality / Some Images From The British Century (?)

Here is another book from my friend Vasu's collection.

This coffee table book, "The British Century", is studded with interesting images and has a fairly non-partisan textual narrative accompanying the photographs.

Published by Random House, New York, in 1997, it seeks to give "A Photographic History of the Last Hundred Years" of this strangely powerful nation and its people.

It is unwieldy and most of the images would not make any sense without the explanations provided in the captions. It is impossible to scan the images and the captions together because several images are bunched together across the double-spreads with one collective caption for all the images on a spread.

Here are 3 photographs from the book with paraphrased explanations:

The Front Cover

A shot down Luftwaffe pilot being escorted through Victoria Station to a POW camp on 7 September 1940. Notice the hauteur and the apparent arrogance of this captured German soldier. 

"Burma did not submit easily to British rule" the caption says, ever so briefly and blithely. Oh well.

Captured Burmese rebels (sometime between 1824 and 1885)

Dissident Burmese on a treadmill. Notice the chains on their feet. Their hands are also chained, I think. If one slipped, he would endanger all his brothers on the treadmill! 

Blast From The Past / Bajaj Auto and Weston TV Advertisements / 1983

The Bajaj M50 & the Rear Engine Autorikshaw + The Weston Color TV.