Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snail Mail - 13 / 1936 / Adressed to Mr. Krishnaswami of Cambridge

This postcard written on 31 December 1936 is interesting for a couple of things.

It is written in perfect French (the address included). It is addressed to a Mr. V.D. Krishnaswami of the Archeological Museum in Cambridge, England.

In the postcard, the sender asks Mr. Krishnaswamy to correct his address from "Cublac" to "Brive" and the image on the postcard is that of an École Bossuet in Brive. I did a quick search of these places on the internet and found that these 2 towns are about 20 kilometers away.

In spite of being addressed to the wrong town, the first communication (letter? postcard? parcel?) eventually reached the correct addressee!

I wonder who this South Indian gentleman was and what he was doing at the Archeological Museum in Cambridge in the 30's? Oh, I love wondering.

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