Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some pages from a magazine called Dazed And Confused / 2004

These are a few pages torn and filed from a magazine called Dazed and Confused. I am able to date the issue to 2004 from the Raindance Film Festival advertisement. I have no idea why I just ripped these few pages and threw the rest of the magazine away....!??!

This image below is from an article on the artist who goes by the name of Savage Pencil ( It's a poster for a band's UK tour. I wish the band had hired the same artist to come up their bloomin' nyme, too. ;-) "SUNN O)))" indeed! 

These are repros of works by an artist called Amie Dicke from the Netherlands. ( propos nothing, except the name and the country, there was/is an artist from the Netherlands called Dick Donker who used to live and work at Cholamandal Artists' Village in the (i think) '80's...

and, finally, this is the advertisement that helped me date the magazine...

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