Friday, January 3, 2014

The Parallel Universe Of French Comics / A 1988 Issue of CIRCUS Magazine

If Comic Art is an Universe all by itself, then French ADULT Comic Art is a glorious Parallel Universe.

While learning French in Madras in the 80's I was introduced to the magic of French language comics, comic magazines, comic art posters and comic art picture postcards meant primarily for adult readers. The content was not pornographic and the stories and treatment were what you would normally expect from, say, a mainstream movie or novel.

The brilliant art work, the deeply detailed story lines, the mind expanding imaginary locales, settings and landscapes and the exquisite production quality all combined to make a potent, heady mixture that kept me engaged and excited and amused for more than 5 years.

Even today, when I open one of the few comics or magazines that I have from this period, the stories and images simply jump out of the page and grab me and pull me into their worlds.

There is a humongous body of resources about French Adult Comics on the Net. If you explore a bit you'll discover a Universe that you will definitely love.

Below are a few pages from a monthly magazine entirely devoted to comics. It has/had multiple serials which were published in instalments in each issue + some articles.

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