Monday, April 14, 2008

This too shall pass?

This regal octogenarian was quietly watching the world go by last Sunday at Ulsoor, Bangalore.

I approached him and asked if I could take his photograph. He looked at me for a few seconds and then with a wave of his hand said “Take as many photos as you want…”
After I had taken the photo he quizzed me about (1) Where I lived (2) Where I worked (3) Whether I was married (4) Where my parents lived and (5) My caste.

I provided a verbal, 5 minute resume and was bidding goodbye to him when a young chap ran up and asked “Uncle, why you taking my grandfather’s photo?”

“Coz’ he looks good,” I replied, with a smile. “In fact, he looks better than you do!”

“Then you take one photo of me also with him!”
He commanded his grandfather to pose with him, and after the photo was taken, pointed out his house to me and made me promise to bring him copies of the photos.

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  1. I wish my grandson would want to pose for a photograph with me when I get old provided ofcourse I live to see my grandson and find someone to take my photograph too...isn't that asking for too much? Life is full of ifs and buts...I forgot one more 'if', i.e. if I look good like that old man...:)
    this is chander again with the renaissance spirit