Monday, November 25, 2013

Yesss! I finally met Magnus Carlsen today!!

It was more or less the same drill as with Kasparov.

The difference was that Magnus is in his early twenties and seems to be missing and trying to also relive his teens, while being a polite, genius, world champion. So much of a "lost boy" in that guy at the moment I saw him.

And the kind of relaxed, laid back, polite protection that he is getting from his family and his team is a lesson that every Indian parent must learn.

My thoughts about this genius:

I have a strong feeling that he will go the Fischer way; that is, he will just lose interest in the game because there is no one in this Universe to challenge him. During his productive, playing, lifetime.

If that withdrawal ever happened, it will be a sad day for this world. Not just the chess world.

But, entirely comprehensible, if only the media would let the world sit back and empathize with the loneliness that would drive that decision.

If only the world took some time off to understand the enormous loneliness of a genius.

I felt that loneliness today as a fleeting waft, through that protective, loving, graceful cocoon of his team.

Here is a piece of paper with Kasparov's and Carlsen's autographs. I am kicked.

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