Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A little more philately from Algeria..

I wish more children would take up philately as a hobby.

Stamps and First Day Covers and Special Issues are little windows into the culture, natural wealth, customs and mores of the different, distant corners of our Earth... tiny, fascinating peepholes into the lives of our many brethren spread all over the world.

I first learnt the names of many countries through stamps. 

Some elements of their culture were already familiar to me long before I read about them in detail later, or before I experienced them firsthand, simply because I had stared again and again at beautiful stamps from these then unknown lands which highlighted these cultural aspects .

With electronic communication taking over, this component of our shared world heritage, stamps will most probably soon disappear.

If only, somehow, we can preserve at least some part of it in the daily space of our lives (and not just in museums), it would be great for future generations.

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