Monday, April 28, 2014

The Crown Jewel In My Collection Of Soviet Children's Books

This is the absolute gem amongst all those beautiful books from the USSR.

A 1975 book, with cut-out, pop-up illustrations.

Real 3-D!

The complete title given on the back cover is "A TALE ABOUT A WAR SECRET, ABOUT THE BOY NIPPER-PIPPER, AND HIS WORD OF HONOUR".

It has 4 pages of text and 6 fabulous double-spread cut-out, pop-up illustrations. The design is so exquisite that in the first 2 illustrations there are common elements from the other page.

Not sure if that makes sense....hmm..

as in, the soldiers in the 1st picture, in the street outside, seen through the windows, become the main element of the 2nd illustration while we see the inside of the house through the window from the street....?

Check it out. Enjoy!

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