Thursday, May 26, 2016

Random Documents From an Uncle's Forgotten File

There are about half a dozen of these certificates and fragments from official letters.

These papers define a very narrow period of time in this Man's life, the years just before and after 1947. I think.

He and his wife - my aunt, my father's half sister - were part of the "joint family" that lived in the house that stood at Old Number 141, New Number 64, Coral Merchant Street.

I was born and grew up in that house and this man was a very colorful part of my first 7 or so years. He was already comfortably retired by then.

Here is (just) one document that surfaced today.

VoilĂ , then......a little memory of my uncle, the late Mr. T.T. Nambi, retired Subedar Major of The Indian Army...

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