Friday, February 29, 2008

A modern mural... lost forever!

I'm not writing much on this now, because I need to connect with the bandy I want to introduce you to next. Another old friend of mine.

In the meantime, take a look at these pictures. They are shots of a fabulous ceiling mural that this guy did. I have seen him with my own eyes, work for hours on end on it, lying on his back on a scaffolding...he wasn't even paid much for it - just enough money to buy the required materials.

And guess what? They recently white-washed it! Oh, yes, they did! It's gone. You can't see it no more.

I'll leave you with that thought while I collect my thoughts and other material around this original 24 karat bandy....


  1. Oi, Padre! Nice one that. I am sure life would have slowed down a lot on a lazy saturday morning when you twisted the cap off the armstrong. It sure sounds like a swell ride that you got in the first class compartment. I know how the landscape you saw looks like after a couple of beers. Travel on and give us more of this!!!!

  2. Oh Shite! I guess a lot of colour has gone off the AF then.

  3. always, i repeat always carry your camera along....!!