Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Ganja Stories

I read these pieces in the police update section of The Hindu over the last few weeks

Woman held for growing ganja plants

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: An employee of a private medical institution was arrested here on Tuesday night for allegedly growing marijuana plants at her rented house.

On a tip-off, the Viveknagar police raided a house on 2nd Main of Viveknagar Extension and seized 16 marijuana plants, generally known as ganja plants, being grown in pots. The police arrested Asha Christopher (32), a nurse at a medical institution in Wilson Garden.

The accused is a native of Wilson Garden, and the police said she was estranged from her parents and her husband. The police said that she had rented the house on the fourth floor of a building seven months ago, where she was allegedly growing ganja plants. The marijuana plants were planted in two flowerpots and placed in the portico. During the course of investigation, the accused confessed to planting and growing them for a few months. However, she did not reveal about the origin of ganja seeds or about her associates, the officer said. Asha was subjected to medical examination here on Wednesday, and the police have requested the Forest Department to assess the value of the seized plants. A case has been registered against the accused under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985.

BANGALORE: Two men with criminal antecedents died after they stabbed each other following a petty quarrel in J.J. Nagar police station limits.

The police gave their names as Zabi (23) of Padarayanapura and Yasin (27) of Mominpura. Around 11 p.m. on Sunday, Zabi and Yasin, who were drunk and were smoking ganja near the Mominpura burial ground, started quarrelling over money. Following a verbal duel, the two attacked each other with knives. As the two suffered injuries in the abdomen, their relatives rushed them to hospital. The two died in the early hours of Monday, the police said.

Man arrested on charge of selling ganja

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Siddapura police on Saturday seized 23 kg of ganja from Aiyappan (40), a resident of Byrasandra.

According to the police, Aiyappan was caught when he was selling ganja from his car to college students in Doddakallasandra.

The police arrested him and recovered four kg ganja from the car. Later, based on information provided by him during interrogation, the police searched his house in Byrasandra and seized 19 more kg of ganja. According to the police, the value of the seized ganja is more than Rs. 1.5 lakh in the international market. The police suspect that Aiyappan used to get his stock from Afghanistan. Further investigation is on.

Now, which story is the real rocknrolla here?

The nurse got some fat cops to walk up and down four flights of stairs; she got the Forest Department to do some urban evaluation and she has successfully gotten herself booked under an exotic act for which the trial might go one for the next 3 years...

Meanwhile 2 losers killed each other around midnight in a cemetery and Mr. Aiyappan is probably out on bail and holidaying with his business associates in Dubai (via Afghanistan!).

My vote is for that stoned nurse...


  1. The nurse wasn't growing it to smoke silly, it was medical marijuana.

  2. What you didn't know was this was happening in the 'institute' too way back in '91-'93.

  3. I thought all marijuana was medical? No?

  4. Maybe she is also a botany student? ;-)

    btw, can always explain to me at mayiladuthurai.chenthil@gmail.com

  5. I think Anna lady has a point.

  6. Anna! see what you have done to the children now!

  7. I'm a bad influence clearly. Foreign white devil.

  8. i simply LOVE bad influences. Now that that's out of the way, what do do you think is the best way forward for private cultivation of Kaya for medical/medicinal purposes in the South Of India?

  9. I can't comment, I wouldn't want to cause an international incident.

  10. Arre,
    This Anna not lady yaar. Anna meaning elder brother in Madrasi basha.
    What bloody nansense, growing kaya waya in south india for medicenal purposes.

  11. sir anonymous, please note that the cultivation of "kaya waya", as you call it, probably has a history that's longer than a donkey's dick in the south of india...and as Mayil (whoever she might be, bless her soul) rightly pointed out, all "kaya waya" is "medicenal".

  12. Mr. Murali,
    I am not thinking kaya waya cultivation is longer than donkey dick. What nansense, yaar next you will be talk of elephant. And what by the by is Ms. Mayil knowing about medicenal marijuana, she is not some ekshpurt on kaya waya.

  13. you ask Mayil that, anonymous.

    there's altogether too much emphasis on the gender here...it's that nurse bein' a woman that's set it all off, godamnit!

    and, i somehow got the impression that this Mayil thing was male? shit!You think it's a woman, anonymous?

  14. Mr. Murali, you are blowing smoke , may be too much kaya? Yes, I am thinking mayil is woman. But you are saying so in your comments Mr. Murali. You are blessing 'her' soul. You think may be Mayil soul is female but Mayil male having tickle-tackle between legs? God only knows.. Hai Ram.

  15. you got me there....i'm confused now.

    it must be the quality of the shit we getting here these days.

    not the quantity though, i assure you, a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s.e.

    i believe in moderation except when it comes to beah.

    you don't have a mail id or are you shy there or what?

  16. fuck both of you. murli n anonymous. anytime, please tell me at the mail id.

  17. Arre, waat nansens, Mayil want fucking now. Please be watching mouth Ms. Mayil.

  18. yeah. you watch it, Peahen, Peacock, Whatever.

    else, i'll stop letting you have your tuppence in the conversation.

    you know, right? with "publishing of comments" rights, every blogger is a little china. except in the UK since very recently. apparently.

    you understand the language i'm speaking,writing and all, Mayil?

    just watch it.

  19. Your comment CAPTCHA is giving me GANGSTER to post my thinkings. Very much like Mafia Wafia on Kaya this. Not to my liking. But I is enjoying all writings in comment very much. Ha! ha! ha!