Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Wallet Calendars

Asafoetida...( is a condiment / flavour enhancer widely used in Indian cuisine...

Anyway. Here's a series of 3 complimentary "wallet calendars" for the almost done year, 2013, from an unknown asafoetida manufacturer from a largely unknown corner of India.

The dimensions of these calendars, including the lamination sheets, are about 10 CM X 07 CM. They fit quite nicely into an average wallet.

In particular, check the details on the Muruga image! (Click on the images for a full screen version.) Note the procession on the bottom right, the hoarding on the shop in the background of the procession, the folk dancer couple on the bottom left, the temple elephants....!!!!

Shiva and His Family



2013 Calendar with each weekday's inauspicious time periods

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