Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snail Mail - 09 / From Corsica With Love

Another thoughtful beauty from Agathe Keller. 2006. The stamp is a commemorative of the Fête du Timbre - The Festival of the Stamp.

Also, the caption on the stamp says "MONDE 20 g" (WORLD 20 g) - no idea what that means. Is this a stamp that can be used (could have been used) for posting in any country in the world for upto 20 grams? I must check this out sometime.


  1. yes Murali, the stamp had value for the whole world!

    from Montreuil cold and rainy... when i think i was suppose to be in Chennai just now...

    hoping to see you soon: do you want to send me your snail mail? i still send post cards to freinds when i've fallen of the wagon at some time, but could get back in it!


    1. Yup. Yes. Yeah. Yo! Here's a cool and dry "hi! ho!" from Madras to Montreuil...:-) I wanna be on the snail mail trail for ever and forever. I'll email you the address. All well with you, Agathe? Keep in touch, no? FB is not bad.