Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snail Mail - 11 / From Trichy to Namakkal / 1940

I found this in the garbage bins area outside my apartment block. I dread to think how many other classic, beautiful blasts from the past were lost that day - some neighboring apartment was apparently doing a long overdue spring cleaning.

Some interesting things to note:  The address is simply,

Sri Raosaheb
N R Venkatarama Ayyar
(+ Namakal in Tamil)

No house number, no street name!

"Vakil" is the English transliteration of the Tamil word for "Lawyer".

The writer also mentions a "mamie" (aunty) who will leave "Madura" and arrive in Namakal. He instructs his "dear father" to send "Velan" to the bus stand. Velan must have been the Man Friday in this genteel, lawyer's household.

The temperature in the middle of March 1940 in Trichy was a 105 degrees (C?)!

And finally, the cost of the Post Card was "NINE PIES" and the emperor of India was (I think) George V.

Lovely little window into the past, this....

Remember, we were still 7 years away from Independance!

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