Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snail Mail Stuff - 03 / Brussels to Bruges / 1986

A picture postcard I received from a (then) young musician that I met in Brussels.

At that time I was goofing off in Bruges, working for a guy called Bruno, who ran a bed and breakfast place called Bruno's Youth Hotel.

If there were any vacant rooms, I would run to the railway station to meet the morning train from Brussels and canvas the backpackers to stay at Bruno's. If all the rooms were full, then I would just hang loose and drink beer. The room, food and beer were free. I wonder if Bruno is still in business.

I met this guy Federico and his two beautiful sisters while loafing around Brussels, just before coming to Bruges. They had just arrived in the city and were going to live and learn music at the conservatory. We became friends in the course of the evening and promised to stay in touch. I wrote to them from Bruges and Federico replied with the address of their new apartment in Brussels..

Never got around to actually staying in touch. One of the sisters shared my birthdate - 13th of July. I wonder if our paths will cross again some day.

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