Friday, December 20, 2013

33 Year Old Moustache

This seems to be the season for objects of some vintage!

This polite bandicoot has a crisp salute to go with his magnificent moustache and faux-military demeanour. You'll find him most evenings at the entrance of Madhuri restaurant on the corner of Airport Road and Wind Tunnel Road. And, if you take the trouble of asking him about his moustache he'll tell you that he has been nurturing the vegetation for the last thirty three years.

While on the subject of moustaches, you might want to read Roald Dahl's "The Twits" - this delightful book was apparently inspired by the deep fear and loathing that Dahl, as a child, had for a moustachioed school teacher.

You could also read Dahl's dire description of that teacher's moustache in his "Boy - Tales of Childhood".

And even if you haven't the faintest interest in Dahl's take on moustaches, read his books anyway. I'm yet to meet a person who has read them and not loved them.

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