Thursday, December 26, 2013

My School (Doveton-Corrie) "Calendar" / 1978

Here is the "calendar" for 1978 from my alma mater - Doveton-Corrie Boys' Higher Secondary School.

The short history of the school is interesting because there is still a Bishop Corrie school existing happily on Broadway. My aunt taught there (Class Teacher for Std. V or something like that). She celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday (25/12/2013) and still attends the Teachers' Day celebrations at the school every year. Mrs. Balu (Saraswathy Balasubramaniam).

Also pictured below, a PTC (Pallavan Transport Corporation / Public Bus Service) Student Identity Card from around the same time (when I was in my repeat year in +2 / STD XII). They used to issue subsidized coupons to students every month which made public transport practically free for us. If I remember right, it was something like a 120 coupons for 20 Rupees and each coupon could be used for one bus ride irrespective of the route or the distance travelled.

The minimum ticket price in those days was 20 paise - that's what a ticket from "Parry's Corner" to "Doveton Clock Tower" used to cost. The buses from Parry's to school were all the 7 series. 7C used to go to Kilpauk etc., Anna Nagar was the beginning of nowhere then!

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